A Memorial


Kelli Laine Lewis

Kelli Laine Lewis was killed in the state of South Carolina by two underage drunk drivers and the three morons that sold a drug called alcohol to high school students.


a South Carolina state trooper let one of the underage intoxicated teen drivers leave the scene and he was never charged  (the other driver died) not even a speeding ticket.     after Trooper Still let the kid leave the crime scene the runt went one block away and tried to buy more alcohol at a gas station. 

good job. 

  i cant believe he gets a state paycheck that i help pay with my taxes!  *facepalm*    so much for protect and serve.

The State of South Carolina opted not to charge the three morons who promoted, provided & profited off the selling of alcohol to minors in their private home. 

as you can see-  the 3 morons are very remorseful

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Craig Milas Ryan,  Margaret (Margo) Tidwell Crawford and Danton (Danny) Hardman

especially Craig Milas Ryan.   he got the legal break of a life time and look at how much he learned from it (these are from AFTER Kelli died)

what was stolen from me & the world-  was so precious and can never be replaced.   

but know this-  I will not let anyone ever forget Kelli Laine Lewis


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